Life Breakthroughs

Life Breakthrough Course

The ROOT CHANGE: LIFE BREAKTHROUGH COURSE is designed to give you deep, accelerated transformation in any area of your life that you’d like to experience differently.

* The LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops: Bedrock Beliefs and Ground Breaking Beliefs, are highly recommended with this series.

Topics include:
Money Mindset
Building Health
Joyful Relationships
Happy Family
Time & Tranquility
Life Purpose/Work
Healthy Weight
Stress Relief
Spiritual Connection
Wonderful Woman
Magnificent Man
Everyday Addiction Release
Crank up the Bliss
Quiet Mind
Clutter Clearing
Healing the Hurt
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$97 each

or as low as $55 each with the Life Breakthrough packages (see below)


Upgrade everything.
This comprehensive package includes the LIFE FOUNDATIONS (2 workshops), plus 13 topics of your choice from the LIFE BREAKTHROUGH course

$825 in one payment

or 5 payments of $202

* Compare with $1,400 if purchased separately


Experience significant shift in several major areas of your life.
This package includes LIFE FOUNDATIONS (2 workshops),
plus 4 topics of your choice from the LIFE BREAKTHROUGH course

$407 in one payment

or 3 payments of $163

* Compare with $532 if purchased separately


Keep the Change Guarantee

I’ve seen such remarkable results with this work, I feel totally confident about including a “keep the change” guarantee for any belief you balance and then test strong for in these programs. If for some reason, a belief tests weak again, I’ll rebalance it again for free. In my experience, once you’ve got the empowering belief in place, you don’t go back.

Now, how often do you hear that in personal growth work?

P.S. Your satisfaction is of course, also guaranteed.


These programs are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. You are responsible for your own well being.