Give the Gift of Holiday Freedom


We have all kinds of beliefs about gift-giving during the holiday season and unfortunately a lot of them lead us in the direction of obligation, stress, guilt and over-spending.

What do you believe as a gift giver and as a gift receiver?

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?
“If someone gives me a gift I have to give them one too.”
“Presents exchanged should be equal value”
“The more I spend, the more they’ll know I love them.”
“It’s only once a year, so it’s okay if I just put $xxxxx on the credit card.”
“I expect people who love me to buy¬† me nice things.”
“I feel awkward if someone gives me a gift and I don’t have one for them.”
“I feel awkward if I give someone a gift and they don’t have one for me.”
“I have to give a gift to everyone in my family.”

If beliefs like this are adding fear, stress, or distracting from the love in your celebrations, consider exploring what the holidays would be like without obligation and free of guilt. What if your celebrations could be exactly what you choose?

Pine ConesThe GIFT OF HOLIDAY FREEDOM started because I wanted to experiment with a holiday season focused on finding what’s most meaningful to me instead of following traditions out of habit and without question.

My theory is I may end up doing some of the very same things I’ve always done, but it will be because I really WANT to and not because my choices come from default patterns that are unconscious and unexamined. If I’m going to invest time, energy and money, I’d like it to be whole-hearted, intentional, joyful and good for me and everyone else!

Wanting to re-invent the holidays in a way that feels more authentic to me, I gave this “exemption gift-certificate” to my family. Most of them loved the idea and returned the GIFT OF HOLIDAY FREEDOM right back to me, which I found felt really liberating, so in the spirit of abundant giving, here’s a printable version for you to share…

…but do it quick so your loved ones can enjoy the freedom of your gift as soon as possible.

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