Celebrating a great year!

Celebrating a great year!

Wow! What an amazing year 2012 was.

For me it started with a strong intuitive nudge to bring deep, accelerated change to groups and turned into a miraculous and prolific year creating 37 groundbreaking new workshops, and shifting hundreds of thousands of core beliefs with people all around the country. Profound transformation can be easy and fast…we proved it!

With such powerful results confirmed, 2013 is looking like another amazing year. Word about ROOT CHANGE is getting out, my first book is in the works and I’ve got some exciting innovations coming to the workshops. Watch for the updates!

On this eve of the new year, I want to give a special thank you to all the courageous souls who chose to play on the cutting-edge of transformation with me in 2012. It’s been pure joy to serve you and I want you to know I love each and every one of you and feel so blessed to be part of your life!



Gifts for the New Year

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs working to make a difference in the world, so please join me in celebrating some of these amazing people sharing their gifts and doing business with passion, integrity and heart.

Check out the wonderful gifts some of them are offering (many of them free). There might be something here that’s just what you need!


P.S. Thank you for inviting me into your life and your inbox this year.
May 2013 be a year of growth, success, meaningful mistakes, transformation, laughter, and JOY for you!


Bea Hammond – Harmony Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture is a great way to strengthen our body’s own immune system from within. Acupuncture will help optimize your circulation and eliminate toxins and winter is a great time to support your body’s immune system. Enjoy a free consultation from Bea (in the Salt Lake area). Call (801) 707-7612 for your free consultation.

Brenda Mason
Scentsy fragrances have the power to touch you, inspire you, relax you, invigorate you, whisk you away or bring back wonderful memories. Visit bwickless2day.com or call Brenda for free samples, at 801-983-3693.


Claudia Draper
Compassionate Clutter Clearing. Results that last!
Visit the website to schedule a free 1  1/2 hour initial consultation about your unique situation.


danielleDanielle Lin – The Danielle Lin Show
Danielle was the first radio talk show host to bring the conversation about personal growth and healthy lifestyle to the airwaves in a big way. Visit her huge archive of shows to experience up-close and personal interviews with powerful changemakers like; Deepak Chopra, George Zalucki, Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Masuru Emoto, Dan Millman, T. Harv Ecker, Andrew Weil, M.D., Gregg Braden, Daryl Hannah, David Deida and hundreds more (including Sylvia). Enjoy information that will change your life!

Giuliana Serena – Moontime Rising
How do you feel about the power of the moon? How about your own body’s cycles? Many of us are feeling called to rediscover these rhythms, to feel the pulse of the planet running though our veins. How about you? I’d be happy to send you my Cyclical Moon Letters, full of inspiration for bringing the cycles of the moon and fertility into your everyday life, as well as a Moon Phase Calendar for the year. Sign up here.

harmony.web_Harmony Harrison
Seeking life guidance? Ask your animals!
The Beginner’s Guide to Animal Wisdom is a short ebook that will help you hear the wisdom of your animal friends. To get your free copy and my personal newsletter, visit HarmonywithAnimals.com.

Jayanne Sindt
Schedule your FREE Author Presentation of Mato Finds True North including a book reading and an Arctic Experiment. Send an e-mail to admin@personalverse.com to schedule.


joann.gyboJoAnn Hanson – Evergreen Accounting
Evergreen Accounting takes care of the bookkeeping so you can take care of the rest of your business. We offer a complimentary one-hour consultation to discuss the needs of your business and how we may be able to help your organization. Contact JoAnn at 801-463-2775 or evergreenacctserv@comcast.net to schedule.


linda.webLinda Richards – Intuitive Soul Coach
My significant breakthrough this year was creating my own style of what I call Soul Coaching . . . meaning, I intuitively read someone’s energy and coach them from the reading. Call now for a free consultation to find out clairvoyantly what your current Soul Symbol is. (801) 968-4246


Lisa Alessi created Find Your Why, Find Your Way, a revealing exercise that connects you to the meaning behind the work you do. Sign up to receive practical tips about leading from within, empowering ideas and resources delivered to your inbox.


Lydia Nibley
TWO SPIRITS is a heart-opening, award-winning film by Lydia that interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders.
Buy one, get one for half price. Watch the trailer here.

Mary DeWall
Mary offers a unique healing experience for each of her clients. To receive a free 30-minute massage (in the Salt Lake area), visit her website, innerjourneybodywork.com and send her your contact information with the subject line “Free Massage”.

veronica.webRonnie Ambar
I will be teaching Bellydance for Healing classes starting in January — it’s a dance/healing movement class which combines the ancient movements of bellydance with meditation, pranayamas, gentle yoga and chi gong. Like my Facebook page or email veronicashimmies@yahoo.com.

I joined Sylvia’s Root Change workshops for personal and business breakthroughs, and in doing so, I said YES to living my highest life and purpose. Yeehaw!

roz.webRoz Newmark – Songlines of the body, mapping your way home
Yoga offered in a safe and supportive environment, seasoned with a sparkle of humor. In these classes, we move towards refining our ability to listen to the body’s inner wisdom. Sessions open with Pranayama (gentle breathing) and progress through various asanas (poses).  The sequencing of  the asanas in class, is designed to first energize and then calm the nervous system. Come follow the songlines of your body home! All skill levels are welcome. Contact:  Roz Newmark @ roznjohn@earthlink.net or (801) 328-4456

Rozan Holbrook – Self Yes Life Coaching
Say YES to yourself and live your life 100%.
Call for a free 20-minute laser session.


sharon.webSharon Aaron – Music in the Box
I’ve been so blessed to produce several successful music concerts for wonderful performers! Visit Music in the Box to; contact me about producing a show, check out upcoming shows (for instance the bluegrass concert on January 12th) or sign up for concert notices. Biggest 2012 breakthrough: I realized I could do the things I love and not worry about the where the money would come from because every time it has worked out, so I believe by unblocking the fear of “change” I was able to move forward this past year in ways I never believed possible! Thanks Sylvia!

shelly.webShelly L. Liedtke
Free 30-Minute Session, Choose from one of my Services Offered on my website!
Shelly’s breakthroughs in 2012: Receiving greater clarity, organization and focus — increased income!


sue.webSue Gardner – Heart to Heart Game
Sue is developing this “better than fun” reality game so that anyone can experience connecting compassionately with others. It’s a game everyone wins.



Kim Ross and Terri Landey
Are you waking up? Do you have a deep hunger to know yourself and to feel your connection to everything around you? Are you looking for a clear, direct path to more – more wholeness, more Joy, more Life, more You?

Get the free Self-Awareness Questionnaire to get a better sense of the degree of your self awareness and what the potential is for further exploration. Start learning more about Slowing Down and Allowance, and waking up one more step to your Self, right now.



tracy.webTracy Cash – Sacred Mountain Healing Center
Reiki circles, meetups and  sessions to clear the cobwebs, cleanse the systems, renew faith, and supply direction and motivation.  Life becomes more manageable, enjoyable, and full of inspiration!  Nourish your soul and rest your weary body.

wendy.webWendy Adams Mendenhall – The Arts Organization (TAO Metaversity)
OMG the websight is complete! Check it out at www.theartsorganization.com. If you resonate with what you read, “like” us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/TheArtsOrg and send it to your network. After that, email me: wendy@theartsorganization.com your thoughts about the websight and your address and I’ll send you a $25 Starbucks card. I’m not crazy, I’m wired differently.

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