LIFE FOUNDATIONS – Session 2: Deeper Repatterning

Here, you’ll be using the power of light, color, sound, sacred geometry and intention to take the repatterning you’ve done in the workshops even deeper into the subconscious–to a level beyond thought and deeper than language.

Just follow these steps to get the most benefit from this powerful tool.

1. Get in a space where you can be comfortable and undisturbed for 10-15 minutes

2. Read or glance over the handout from the workshop that you’d like to take deeper so that your subconscious knows what topics you’re intending to repattern. (You can use this tool after any ROOT CHANGE workshop)

3. Make sure you’re well hydrated and have pure water available to drink before and after watching the video

4. Including sound in this process can be highly effective. Using the best speakers or headphones you can connect with your computer, you can listen to a favorite song (with no lyrics!) that relaxes you. Or you can listen to an audio track I designed to change your brain state  by clicking here.

5. Click the “full screen” icon in the lower right corner of the video so that the images are as large as possible.


6. Cross your ankles and wrists comfortably like we do in the workshops

7. With a soft focus, keep your gaze on the center of the pattern and breathe deeply while you watch. If you experience any discomfort, just pause the video, take a drink or stretch break and resume it when you feel ready.

8. Enjoy the ride!


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