You’re Beautiful–and so much more!

You’re Beautiful–and so much more!
A special free teleworkshop for women

You’ve been told thousands of lies about:
• who you are
• what you’re capable of
• and what’s valuable about you (or not)

…and unfortunately, whether you wanted to or not, you believed a lot of these lies and believed them at such a deep level, you might not even know they’re still there.

As females in this culture we’re taught to compare ourselves to others, reject and criticize ourselves…constantly. Since you arrived on the planet, you’ve heard millions of messages that have told you what to believe about your body, your power, your voice and what’s okay or not okay to do, and be.

And even though you’ve probably done a whole lot of work to change this harmful conditioning, the roots go deeper than you might think, in fact they go all the way down to the subconscious mind where thoughts, feelings and behaviors originate. These deep, core beliefs affect every part of your life (your relationships, your career, your finances…even your cells) and if your beliefs are anything but wonderful, they’ll be holding you back from your magnificence.

During this call with Sylvia, you’ll learn:

• The 5 biggest lies you’ve been told about yourself
• Easy ways to find the hidden beliefs that are holding you back
• What specific beliefs are creating your challenges
• and how you can change them–easily and permanently

It’s time to delete the negative thoughts, erase the critical voices and fully embody the goddess that you are.

You’re Beautiful–and so much more!
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One thought on “You’re Beautiful–and so much more!”

  1. Naomi Lang says:

    I just listened to your intro to this work. WOW!! I felt an amazing shift, I can’t stop laughing. Huge heart opening.

    Thank you.
    You’re right it is faster than Access, HA! I’d LOVE to do more!!!

    Naomi Lang

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